May 16, 2013

Monochromatic Allahabad

By Kalikramatic Baba In Travel 3 min read
I was born and brought up in Allahabad & I am really proud of it. even my friends think I brag a lot about it but you know what, I have got my reasons. There are a lot of things that makes Allahabad popular, Amitabh Bachchan, Kumbh mela, Chaat, River Ganga and a lot more.

Recently I visited Allahabad and it looked exactly the way it was 5 or 10 years ago except for a few new buildings and of course those Momo’s shops. The recent Kumb at Allahabad is considered to be the biggest International gathering on Earth which was missed by me, due to  my Varanasi Accident , so I thought  I will make it up by going after my recovery.

Since River ganga flows through Allahabad it has a lot cultural Importance and hence the city is considered to be holy because of mythological connections with Lord Shiva. It is one of the saffron cities (saffron is colour of hinduism)  in India which is respected by Hindus and also by other communities. There are a lot of other qualities of Allahabad which are often overshadowed by this Saffron colour. If you really want to know what are they ? you have to watch it closely without that saffron tint , try being colorblind, because people’s  true colors are often seen when world is black and white. 

Thanks to my camera and all the Allahabadi’s (peoples of Allahabad), I got a chance to experienced my hometown from a different perspective. After a number of days spent in Allahabad I learn a lot of new things about Allahabadi’s .

1st) Allahabadi’s love Getting their Pictures clicked : 

“hey cameraman, please click my picture” 

While roaming on the streets of Allahabad, I was approached by this Kid and his Sister and she requested me to click a picture of his brother. After the Picture they both looked at the picture smiled at each other, thanked me and left holding hands , All I was left was with my camera and a smile on my face it was really sweet,
“I love my Goats”

 Later I was also approached by a shepherd who told me to click his pictures along with his Goats because he loves them a lot.

2nd) No matter how complicated things look there is always a simple explanation for them:  

” This goes this side & that goes that side”
when I asked the rickshaw guy about how exactly they come to know which electric wire goes where with a confused face and his reply was just too simple to understand, “This goes this side and that goes that side”.

3rd) Traffic rules are not applicable in Allahabad: 
Deforestation of Traffic Signals. Directions of lanes depends on Drivers preference. traffic signals are treated just like trees.

 4th) Allahabadi’s are eco friendly:

Go Green
when it comes to transport thats is the reason there are over 5000 Human rickshaws in Allahabad. These rickshaws will go wherever you want let the distance be 1 kms or 10 kms.

5th) God is always around no matter where you are.

there are around 3 million gods in Hinduism, more than the population of Allahabad. The density of temples are more than that of man.

I had a really good experience @ Allahabad, since I was low on time there is very little that I have covered. There is much more you can see provided you look close enough .

Long live this Saffron City  
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