January 14, 2013

The Art of Appetizing

By Kalikramatic Baba In Artefact 4 min read
Rajesh Kesari the owner of the shop

Exploring Varanasi is just like exploring the other side of moon, you get to see a lot of new culture, meet new people living with their own paradigms for example; check out the traffic rules in here, unlike Mumbai or other  normal cities all the three traffic light have a common meaning “GO”, No matter how many traffic cops go Congress on your face never stop your vehicle. Guys, you might be fantasizing about a three way all your life if you wanna know how it feels, ask the Varanasi traffic cops cause they always get a hardcore four way while they try controlling the traffic.


Samosa Chaat

Now speaking of the basic necessities, Varanasi is situated in the norther part of India hence there is a lot of Spicy Food around. You will find a lot of street food stalls around, specially the Banarasi Chaat stalls. Chaat is an Indian Appetizer made by smashed potato mixed with other veggies and garnished by Indian spices. You will also see Lassi stalls where you will find various types of flavored Lassi and Thandai as well. In addition to this now a days you will find a lot of Momo’s stalls,
I guess there are more Momo’s Stalls then Trees
in Varanasi, its a Chinese revolution here !

While returning from Dashawamedha Ghat,


I just came across this Chaat Shop called as ‘Kesari Chaat Bhandaar’ located near Gadhaulia Varanasi. Its a 45 years old shop , Currently managed by Rajesh Kesari who is really quick with his hands specially while making Chaat’s. 26 secs is all he
takes to provide you with one of the finest Chaat
of Varanasi. It is a two story shop which is always packed with spicy food lovers so I had to wait for
10 minutes to get a place to place my ass and another place 5 minutes to get the attention of an attendant and make him realize that I seriously wanted to order somethings, Not his fault the variations in menu confused me.eventually I ordered my first appetizer called ‘Tikki Chaat’, I was so hungry that I just ate it without taking any picture but trust me it was worth it.

Chuda Matar

Being a genuine Chaat lover you  have an inborn instinct that you never get satisfied until you have had at least 4* plates (*Quantity may vary depending upon plate size). So following my Instincts I ordered my second Chaat called Samosa Chaat, BTW it didn’t tasted as simple as it sounds. It is not just Samosa + Chaat, it is Samosa + Chaat + Holy stuffs cause it tasted heavenly. It was so good that I wanted to order one more but the attended Ramji Gupta suggested us to try something else so after a debate we ended on ‘Golgappa‘. I’ve had a lot of golgappa’s at a lot of different cities but this one was totally different specially the water with a mixture of sour and spicy taste, it was enough to make me ask for more of spicy water twice.I wanted to ask the third time as well but I didn’t as I didn’t wanted to piss off that big guy up there.


Now after three plates of ‘Golgappa’ I was coming to my satisfaction point so Ramji  advised  me to conclude my food quest with a last dish called Chuda Matar. well frankly I ate it but was not that Impressed maybe because it tasted a bit sweet to me but I had a bunch of people sitting beside me who were really enjoying this dish as well.The people around the store are really friendly as well, In case you come here and get confused with what to order, Ask Them !.

Rajesh is just carrying forward his father legacy of appetizing people with his fabulous Chaat and believe me he is doing Good. He even won Red F.M award for popular Chaat Store in Varanasi.
If you ever get a chance to visit Varanasi this is a place you must visit to spice up your taste buds.

Kalikrama respects Rajesh for his hard work

may you make our mouth’s water
Long live thy Art of Appetizing


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