December 11, 2012

The Art of being a Sadhu

By Kalikramatic Baba In Artefact 4 min read
ll  Jaa Pal Darsan Sadhu Ka, Ta Pal Ki Balihaari   ll
ll  Raam Naam Rasna Base, Leejai Janam Sudhar ll

[ ll What a great moment it was. I met a good personll ll 
ll   I chanted Ram and did good to my whole life  ll ] 
                         These Doha’s of Kabir truly describe my emotions after I met a doubtless Sadhu while wandering near Rajendra Prasad ghat in Varanasi. After the evening Ganga Arti while looking for a real sadhu there were many whom I saw roaming around the ghat carrying an idol of god asking for money from people, Some siting alone in the corners smoking Hashish, Some sleeping around, My eyes stumble upon a Sadhu siting alone along the stairs of the Ghat with closed eyes holding a Rudraksha in hand.
Shri Ramacharyajii
                To start a conversation I asked him of his views on The Ganga Arti held that evening and just like I expected Pious, Flamboyant, Unique were the responses I got but the responses came along in a typical Maharashtrian Hindi accent, Thanks to my Mumbai experiences I was able to make that out. As expected He was From Shirdi, Nasik Maharashtra. It was really good to see a Sadhu from Maharashtra in Varanasi. I asked him in Marathi what was he doing there in Varanasi just to make him aware that I know Marathi he replied that it was his second trip to Varanasi and along with that he also made me aware that he knew over 10 different Languages, yeah he won !
             He is a true follower of the Great Indian Guru, Sadhu and fakir Sai Baba who is respected as a Saint and a true Sadhu.He has traveled across 18 important Hindu temples located in different parts of India. He showed me the list of places he went recently along with the dates. It was really surprising to see one maintain all such data and records along with dates, that too a Sadhu. The places he visited lately included Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Jammu Kashmir, Asaam, West Bengal, Orissa, Delhi, Jaipur, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Ujjain and then Again Varanasi, Now after spending 11 days along the Ghats of Varanasi chanting the name of Gods he’ll again leave for some other place.
A goggle stolen Image of Rajendra Prasad Ghat
Today normally the way Sadhu’s are imagined by the people is a kind of stereotype for example a cool dude from college may Imagine a Sadhu as a old man dressed in orange colored dhoti, Big dreadlocks, Big Tilak on forehead and the most important one smoking weed or hashish or whatever, while a old man may imagine him as an spiritually dressed imposters alluring people to earn money whereas in the Indian News and Media, Sadhus as always Famous as Sex addicts, True Story !
The actually reason for such a good reputations of Sadhus are they themselves today Sadhus are more into getting money or smoking and stuffs like that, nowadays they have an assistants, they dupe people into spirituals tricks this has led to the downfall in the respect of the real Sadhu’s as well. According to him the percentage of real Sadhus in today’s world is around 2% for it takes a lot to be a real Sadhu
So What does it takes to be a real Sadhu ?
Dedication, Devotion, Disciplined, Duty, Deference, Deliberation, Decision yes all these D’s but not the double D’s if you know what I mean.
A real Sadhu has no relation with anyone except God, Every single minute of his life should be dedicated to god, The only thing that should keep going along in his mind are the Chants of Lord, He should never Beg, He Should be free from any form of Greed, Envy or Lust and my most favorite one A Real Sadhu never stays at one place, He should be a frequent Traveler that too on his own Funds just like Shri Ramacharya, the true Sadhu who taught me true Sadhuism.
May all your D’s be with you 
Respect to your work Shri Ramacharya 
The Great Travel Guru
Long live thy Art of Sadhuism

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